Rack and pinion Jack DR-5F

Rack and pinion Jack DR-5F

Rack and pinion Jack DR-5F

Rack and pinion Jack DR-20F

Rack and pinion Jack DR-16F

290,17 €

Rack-and-pinion jacks are widely used in the performance of repair, construction, installation and other works, as well as for pre-hanging heavy and oversized loads for their subsequent movement.

    The basis of the design of the rack-and-pinion Jack is a single-sided toothed rail with a support Cup for the load. In the lower part of the body there is a projection at an angle of 90°, forming a so-called "lamp", which is used for lifting loads with a low-lying support surface. By rotating the Jack handle, the body with the load is raised or lowered along the rail. The load raised on the Jack rail is held by a locking device.

    Rack-and-pinion jacks have several modifications depending on the load capacity. These jacks are very well proven when working in various operating conditions

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