Rack and pinion Jack DR-20F

Rack and pinion Jack DR-20F

Rack and pinion Jack DR-20F

Jack podkatnoy g/p 5 t.

Rack and pinion Jack DR-10FL

191,14 €

 Rack-and-pinion jacks with low pick-up "FOREST" are designed for lifting loads.

    These jacks have a head for lifting loads in the upper part of the body, as well as a low-placed paw in the lower part of the body with a height of 30 mm.

    By rotating the handle, the body with the load is raised or lowered along the rail.

    To hold the body with the load in a certain position is a brake device consisting of a dog and a ratchet mounted on the clutch handle.

    Jacks have in the upper and lower part of the handle for its slinging when moving. Rack jacks "FORST" are reliable and convenient in operation


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