Tap into a 20 foot container

Tap into a 20 foot container

Tap into a 20 foot container

Bridge crane electric single-beam support-load capacity (1T)

Hydraulic folding crane ATIS 2T

173,59 €

Transportation: 2.0 t
Lifting height: 2380 mm
Boom length: 1570mm
Crane height: 1550 mm


  • Reliable steel frame device;
    Operational work with loads due to the parallel operation of 2 hydraulic pump pistons. The lift is carried out during reciprocating operation of the pistons;
    Corrosion resistance of pistons and long plungers due to chrome coating;
    Durability is maintained by limiting the maximum lifting pistons that do not allow loads greater than the calculated;
    Easy adjustment of the boom departure due to the coupling rod of a significant diameter;
    Reliable swivel casters.




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