Starter 12 NC1-12(24v, 42v)

Starter 12 NC1-12(24v, 42v)

Starter 12 NC1-12(24v, 42v)

Cable with round cross section 12x1(Taiwan)

9x1 round cable (Taiwan)

4,38 €

The RVV (2G) cable is successfully used in lifting equipment as a supply line to the control panels. Thanks to the high quality of manufacture and materials used, this cable remains reliable even in the most extreme conditions of use. External bearing elements made of steel can be removed without damaging the insulation of the shell.


The structure of the cable RVV (2G):

Bare copper conductors, multi-wire meet DIN VDE 0295 class 5 standards;

Core insulation is made of special PVC plastic (butadiene-Acrylonitrile-rubber) YI3 in accordance with DIN VDE 0207 part 4 standards;

The marking of the cores corresponds to DIN VDE 0293;

Special two external bearing elements made of steel cable;

The cores are twisted along the length with an optimal twist step;

Multiple cable banding also in the form of a braid;

The outer shell of the NBR insulation compound cable is used for operating conditions at -40°C +90°C in accordance with DIN VDE 0207 part 5, the shell color is black RAL 9005;

PVC is not flammable according to DIN VDE 0482 part 265-2-1/EN 50265-2-1/IEC 60332-1 (conforms to DIN VDE 0472 part 804 type of test In);

Temperature range for installation and operation bends from -40°C to +70°C;

Temperature range when operating in a stationary state from -40°C to +90°C;

Maximum wire temperature during operation +90°C;

Maximum wire temperature in case of short circuit +150°C;

Rated voltage 300/500 V;

Test voltage 2500 V;

Free suspension height up to 150 m;

Cable breaking force 10.4 kN;

The minimum bending radius is 20x the radius of the cable.

     The materials used do not contain silicone and cadmium, as well as substances that prevent the application of paint.



     The RVV (2G) cable is manufactured in accordance with the pan-European electrical requirements 73/234/EWG and 93G/68/ EWG.

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