6.3 t GP-B6, 3-01(02)

8.0 t GP-B8, 0-01(02)

8.0 t GP-B8, 0-01(01)

A lot of work in production requires mechanisms for lifting or moving loads of various types in the process of working with which requires minimal effort on the part of the staff. The mounting block is an element of the lifting mechanism.

It is used to change the direction of traction and reduce the tractive effort during rigging operations. It is used in mechanisms with both manual and electric drive.

Closed-type mounting blocks consist of a roller, the axis of which is located between two plates (cheeks), reinforced rods, it is possible to perform blocks: with a hook, with a finger.

Mounting blocks with a hinged cheek facilitate the process of rope stocking and thus reduce the time and labor associated with their use. For ropes of small diameter, the folding cheek is not always an actual mechanism, but under certain conditions (for example, when working at a height) it makes it much easier to work.

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