Usk1 sling (bushing) from 1.25 t to 50t

Usk1 sling (bushing) from 1.25 t to 50t

Sling belt loop STP and ring STCC g/p from 0.5 t to 25.0 t

4 SC sling (bushing) g / p from 1.25 t to 50.0 t

Rope sling is used for moving heavy loads in construction and installation work, industrial production, transportation.

Steel slings rope loop have the following advantages:

1.     Flexibility and high load-bearing capacity.

2.     Resistant to sharp, dynamic movements.

3.     Metal cables slings are reliable and durable.

4.     The rope slings are destroyed gradually, so you can timely replace the element that is out of order.

5.     It can be operated in an environment with a temperature from-40 to + 100 degrees.

However, galvanized cable-loop straps has some drawbacks:

1.     Unsuitable for handling fragile cargo. The steel cables of the sling can damage delicate items.

2.     It is not recommended to use in an active chemical environment.

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