Choose and buy the right bucket for your forklift.

Buy accessories for forklift: blade and bucket

A workhorse characterized by incredible strength! In a modern economy, forklifts are used in a variety of industries - in warehouses, the housing and communal services system, transport organizations, industry and in the countryside. Our organization manufactures modern and reliable accessories for forklifts, such as a blade and bucket. Why can this equipment be useful and how to choose it correctly?


This type of equipment is designed for transporting bulk materials and removing snow in the yard. When choosing a bucket for a loader, you should first of all pay attention to the tonnage and the loader model itself. If you pay attention to the plates glued on the loader itself, then the most important one of them tells us about the change in force along the length of the rags, where the farther the applied force is, the less it is. This information should not be neglected, as it affects all the mechanisms of the loader and its stability. A larger number of bucket designs is designed so that the force arising from the volume of the bucket’s load is concentrated right on the very edge of the forks, and the choice of the bucket’s volume based on the load capacity of the loader itself can cause problems with the prolonged operation of the vehicle, and even worse, create a traumatic situation for the loader driver . We summarize for the bucket volume we need to carefully study the plate on the loader dedicated to the weight distribution along the length of the forks, this will be the basis for the correct choice of bucket, then the bucket volume and its design are calculated from the weight of the water filled with the entire capacity, and 0.5m3 = 0.5 kg of weight to be lifted then for us it becomes clear that the weight lifted on the edge of the rag = bucket volume. In our assortment there are buckets for loaders from 1.5 to 5 tons. appropriate volumes of 0.5 m³, 0.75m3, 1m3

Snow blade

Want to buy a quality item at a reasonable cost? We will help with this choice! We offer modern snow dumps, which will surely come in handy for the prudent owner. They are used mainly in the winter to clear the area of ​​snow. Loaders, though small, are powerful enough and maneuverable, so it’s very easy to remove large volumes of snow with their help. We offer to buy a dump for a loader modern, modified, which can rotate and change the angle of snow casting, which is very convenient and speeds up the process of cleaning the territory. Snow dumps manufactured by Balkankran are designed to meet the generous operation of the automatic transmission. It’s no secret that the loader is not designed to move the load on the surface, although such work can damage the gears in the gearbox on the shoulder, so our snow blade has a spherical shape that allows the snow to not pile up during movement and roll over onto the roll resistance to movement. The purchase of a Balkankran snow blade will solve the problem of snow removal and protect the forklift from damage.

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